About Matt Jensen

Matt Jensen is a long-time resident of South Davis County who served on the North Salt Lake City Council for the last eight years. An energy efficiency engineer, Matt, works with municipalities and companies across the industry to identify process inefficiencies and to reduce their energy consumption.

Married with four kids, Matt has also served in the National Guard for the last 20 years. In addition, the last three years he and his wife have been small business owners, owning and operating two restaurants.

Matt and his wife are active in local politics, volunteer in their local congregations, and love to travel.

Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives2 days ago
Thanks Ryan Mumford for your support in this race! I really appreciate this letter you sent out:

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Matt Jensen, our neighbor and fellow Foxboro resident, is running to represent us in the Utah House of Representatives. I served with Matt on the North Salt Lake City Council. He was a consistent champion for Foxboro. While on the City Council, he worked to improve commercial development along Redwood Road and was instrumental in bringing Lee’s Marketplace to our community. He knows the local issues affecting
us and will champion them just as he fought for our grocery store.

I will be voting for Matt Jensen and I would like to encourage you to vote for Matt Jensen in the Republican Primary on June 26th. Historically, Foxboro has had low voter turnout in elections. I’m worried this has caused some candidates to place a lower priority on learning our issues and finding solutions that are specific to this area. Please help me to change that. We need residents to register to vote, and once registered, we need to vote. If you are not registered, please do so. You can register to vote at http://www.vote.utah.gov. I encourage you to register by May 26th so you can participate in the Primary Election.

If you are registered to vote, please fill out your mail-in ballot and return it with a vote for Matt Jensen. By consistently voting, we can get the attention of those running to represent us at the state and local level. I encourage you to support our neighbor Matt. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about why I support Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives. Message me or you can visit Matt’s website at http://mattjgop.com.

Ryan Mumford
North Salt Lake City Council
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives6 days ago
The ballots are out. If you’re still unsure of where I stand on any issues that concern you, I invite you to call or text me at 801-550-0778.

As a reminder, just as I did in my many years on the North Salt Lake City Council, I will provide a consistent, conservative voice and fight against unnecessary spending. I will protect our second amendment rights. I will listen to your ideas and do my best to come up with real solutions. You deserve someone serving in this position who will represent you rather than pursuing their own personal agendas. I look forward to being that person, the one you can trust will do what he says he will do.

We had a huge 60.2% win at the Davis County Convention. The delegates recognized my experience, strength of ideas, and work ethic and voted accordingly. Again, please reach out to me if you have any concerns. I look forward to a great Primary election.
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives2 weeks ago
Today I am on the campaign trail with my family and friends and we are going door to door talking to real people about the real issues they are concerned about.

I am repeatedly hearing of the need for an overpass over the railroad tracks on the west side, a strong yet affordable economy, as well as a desire for more clean air and less government overreach. I have a desire for all of those things as well. I also have the desire to represent each one of you and the concerns you have voiced to me as we have met on your doorsteps, at Convention, Meet the Candidates Night, and several other local community events. I want to make a real difference by starting a discussion on the issues that matter most to you.

As your legislator, I will tackle the tough stuff and ensure that each concern is heard and thoroughly discussed, working every day towards real solutions for these very real issues each one of you are concerned about.
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives3 weeks ago
There are several homes in Woods Cross that have been severely damaged by the ground settling as the aquifer is depleted. I want to start a state-wide discussion about the impact of aquifer depletion and work to provide relief for affected homeowners. I will raise awareness in the Utah Legislature and work to connect elected officials from Woods Cross with those of similarly impacted communities across the state and across the nation. We cannot turn a blind eye to our neighbors as they deal with this disaster.
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives3 weeks ago
Memorial Day has special meaning to me. Over the years, I have had the privilege of wearing my uniform and supporting Memorial Day ceremonies to honor our dead who, in life, answered the call to serve our nation in the military. I am grateful for these men and women and I am humbled by their sacrifices.
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives
Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representatives4 weeks ago
With my experience as a small business owner, I can tell you that the Utah Economy has outperformed the US average for the last decade. This is due to our hard-working and skilled workforce coupled with a consistent, conservative state tax and regulatory policy.

Private enterprise will flourish when a level playing field exists that is stable and predictable. Government regulation must be minimal and corporate tax rates should be low. The first rule of the legislature when it deals with the Utah economy must be to “do no harm”.

Where possible, the state should encourage innovation and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. Programs to turn research from our universities into start-ups will pay dividends as those businesses expand locally. However, any use of public funds to spur economic activity must be done with prudence and accountability.