About Matt

Matt is a long-time resident of South Davis County who served on the North Salt Lake City Council for eight years. An energy efficiency engineer, Matt, works with municipalities and companies across the industry to identify process inefficiencies and to reduce their energy consumption.

Married with four kids, Matt has also served in the National Guard for the last 20 years. In addition, the last three years he and his wife have been small business owners, owning and operating two restaurants.

Matt and his wife are active in local politics, volunteer in their local congregations, and love to travel.


BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah
BA in Spanish from the University of Utah
Energy Efficiency Engineer with Cascade Energy
Previous employers include DuPont, Dow Corning, and APCO Inc.

Served on the North Salt Lake City Council: 2010 – 2017, highlights include:

  • Creating an RDA to entice the opening of Lee’s Marketplace on Redwood Road
  • Redesign of the city’s master plan to promote economic development on Highway 89 and Redwood Road
  • Purchase of properties around Hatch Park for future park expansion
  • Opening or reopening of the following city amenities:
    • Legacy Park and Splash Pad
    • Tunnel Springs Park
    • Deer Hollow Park
    • Foxboro South Park
    • Springhill Geologic Park and Gregorson Loop Trail
    • Porter’s Landing Boat Takeout
  • Securing a source of secondary water for Eaglewood Golf Course
  • Commitment from Stericycle to relocate to Tooele County

Founding member of North Salt Lake’s NSL Live Committee, securing financial sponsorship from local businesses and creating the following events:

  • Three Kings Cycling Event
  • North Salt Lake Kite Festival
  • Run for Your Lives’ Halloween 3K
  • NSL Reads Writing Workshop and Summer Writing Competition
  • Eaglewood Family Golf Tournament

Served in the Utah and Iowa National Guards: 1997 – Present
Owner of two barbecue restaurants: 2014 – Present 

Served an LDS Mission to San Juan, Puerto Rico
Eagle Scout