I worked on the city council with Matt for eight years. He is smart, insightful and willing to take on difficult issues. Add that to his boundless energy and his ability to get things done and you have a great public servant.

North Salt Lake Mayor Len Arave

During my 7 years as North Salt Lake’s City Manager, Council Member Matt Jensen was a truly conservative elected official. His decisions reflected an honest concern for community and a creative grasp of complicated city issues. I am confident those same skills will be of great benefit as a State Representative and hardily endorse Matt Jensen for the State Legislature.

Barry Edwards – North Salt Lake City Manager – Retired

While on the City Council, Matt worked to improve commercial development along Redwood Road and was instrumental in bringing Lee’s Marketplace to our community. He knows the local issues affecting us and will champion them just as he fought for our grocery store.

North Salt Lake City Councilman Ryan Mumford

I have known Matt for many years. I have worked closely with him for the past two years on the North Salt Lake City Council. Matt is a man of personal integrity, fiscally conservative, and cares about the common person. Matt has experience of being a City Councilman, he can take that experience to the state level. He knows the need of the district personally and will fight to get the help needed. I am endorsing Matt Jensen for the Utah House of Representative.

North Salt Lake City Councilman James Hood

I had the privilege of serving the community of North Salt Lake alongside Matt for 8 years on the City Council. In my years of working with Matt I have found him to be a person of complete integrity, trustworthy and incorruptible. Matt has been committed to be fiscal conservative in government and will promote an atmosphere of openness. If you want to see honest people in government, join me in supporting Matt Jensen for the position of Utah State Representative for District 20.

North Salt Lake City Councilman Stan Porter

Matt Jensen served the North Salt Lake City very well during his eight years on the City Council. He understands and has real-world experience in the legislative process and is not only a strong leader, but also has a keen mind for solving challenging problems. I have the utmost confidence that he is uniquely prepared to serve the citizens of District 20 with distinction and to work productively with the other Utah legislators in passing needed legislature.

Former North Salt Lake City Councilman & Candidate for Davis County Commission Brian Muir

Matt Jensen understands that the purpose of government at any level is to take care of the essential business of society. He’s dealt with tough issues on a local level in a manner that convinces me that he can do the same for the State of Utah. I’m proud to support his efforts to serve.

Former North Salt Lake City Councilman  Conrad Jacobson

Whenever I see Lee’s Marketplace, I think of Matt. When the rest of us thought it couldn’t be done, he never gave up. Matt’s leadership and dedication to our community is what makes him the right choice for our district.

Former North Salt Lake City Councilman  Ron Gordon

NSL Live, Matt created a tradition of community involvement and enrichment. He was welcoming, responsive, and an excellent liaison between the committee and the city council. These skills would make him a good representative of his constituents.

NSL Reads Chair Lori Seppe

In the years I have been able to get to know Matt Jensen, I have always been impressed with his thoughtful, deliberative approach to critical matters, such as public safety, in balancing public resources with public need.

– Craig Black

Matt Jensen is the most consistently conservative candidate on the ballot. I found that he has a clear understanding of the role that government should and should not play in our lives, a track record of fiscal responsibility, and a clear perspective of the needs of south Davis County. He will represent us well in the State Legislature.

– Jed Fisher – West Bountiful Delegate

Matt’s engineering background means that he approaches problems with logic and reason. He is approachable, always listening to my concerns and answering my questions. He is a lifelong public servant and is the best candidate to represent us.

– Candace Camilo – North Salt Lake Delegate

I support Matt for the following reasons:
1. He has conservative standards.
2. He has city council experience.
3. Member of the Utah National Guard.
4. Selected through the Caucus process.

– Randy Adams – North Salt Lake Delegate – LT Commander USN Retired

Matt understands the real life and real issues we deal with as small business owners and as a community. I like that he relates to everyone.

– Julie Checketts – Woods Cross Delegate – Woods Cross City Council

Matt is an honest man and is willing to listen to both sides of the public’s issues and concerns before he makes a decision.

– Dalane England – North Salt Lake Delegate

Matt has leadership experience as a city council member, as a small business owner, and as a national guardsman. He has demonstrated real commitment to the people he serves and has accomplished what he promised. Anyone can make promises, but I believe Matt has ideas and solutions for the problems that face us and he will serve us with integrity.

– Mike McKee – Woods Cross Delegate