North Salt Lake Landslide

Photo credit: Thatotherperson

Three and a half years ago, a large landslide occurred above Parkway Drive in North Salt Lake. While some efforts have been made to stabilize that hillside, a permanent fix is not in place and instability persists.

Recently, the gravel pits in North Salt Lake sued the city to rezone historic gravel pit lands that had been zoned residential for gravel extraction. Their plan is to blast within a quarter mile of the landslide. The city has resisted these efforts and has been sued by the gravel pits for access. As the city has reached out to the state for help, it appears that there is little oversight of these potentially catastrophic activities.

I fully support the enjoyment of personal property and feel that the gravel pits should be able to extract product from their lands as long as the practice of doing so does not harm those around them. But in this case, they are increasing the risk of another land movement in a residential area.

As your legislator, I will work to ensure that every precaution is taken to reduce the risk to the area above Parkway Drive until permanent stabilization can be created. If it is determined that stability of the land mass is threatened by gravel extraction, I will strongly oppose the close proximity blasting action by the gravel pits.