Westside Railroad Tracks

In 1999, the Utah Legislature enacted a bill that diverted royalties from mineral extraction into a fund that could be used by impacted communities to aid with infrastructure. The reasoning was that some areas of our state were disproportionately impacted by mineral, oil, and gas extraction, and that this revenue should aid with roads, schools, city building, and other positive growth in those communities. That fund is known as the Permanent Community Impact Funds.

In its eighteen-year history, the fund has largely fulfilled its purpose and aided in the infrastructure development in impacted communities.

I believe that North Salt Lake, West Bountiful, and Woods Cross qualify for infrastructure support from this fund due to the large impact that refining has on our communities. All three of those cities have east-west corridors frequently blocked as refinery trains unload ethanol. Our cities would greatly benefit from these investments funding overpasses or underpasses across rail crossings, alleviating the pinch points created by the refineries.